G FIVE is a star in the G PERFEKTION constellation family.

It finds and awakens your primal power

G FIVE brings you back with energy fully recharged needed to live your life to it’s fullest, returns you to your very own peak strength. Your life often seems to move that energy out of reach. Thanks to its unique recipe and production process, G FIVE now brings you to exactly where your inherent power lies.

G FIVE awakens the power in you.

Reaching for the summit

Knowing what we really want is true happiness.

G FIVE knows the way to happiness. G FIVE is the first performance drink that works naturally because it reaches your strength with a unique combination of natural ingredients. It maintains the connection between your power source and your present need, allowing you to reach unmatched performance during sex, sports, and other activities.

With a novel mixture of ginseng with other natural ingredients, combined using a unique production process, G FIVE awakens the power in you, leading to an unmatched and reliably fast mode of action.

G FIVE is free of side effects, prescription-free, and available without a trip to the pharmacy.

G FIVE is the first natural performance product that works.

This natural power-shot helps you reach your potential strength, opening you to your optimal desire, passion, and vitality.

A companion for a fulfilled life.

G FIVE and all its possibilities: Use it for whatever, whenever you want.

Sports: In sports, G FIVE awakens your full potential and delivers optimal performance.

Sex: The powerful combination of ginseng, selenium, zinc and vitamins in G FIVE awakens your full virility.

Everyday life: Ginseng in combination with vitamins and trace elements of the G FIVE formula supports a stress-free but vibrant lifestyle.