As the only premium skincare brand in the world that uses superior forest-grown black ginseng in all it’s products and is EWG VERIFIED, Ginjo maximizes skin quality and sustainability like no other brand, before or since. Ginjo is not only in the business of helping people look beautiful, Ginjo will show how beautiful you are.

Ginjo’s precious partnership with mother nature and your nature began by looking back thousands of years and many generations to the proven Korean reliance on ginseng. This ancient knowledge together with a pioneering way to combine Korean black ginseng with other natural ingredients results in a product line achieving many stunning effects with one common goal: to help your system to replace old cells with new ones.

The idea of Ginjo is not to work on you, but to work with you. By using Ginjo, you are welcoming a partner who, with a combination of traditional and new natural science, takes your beauty strengths to their optimal level where they belong.

Ginjo achieves the various skincare functions needed for different environments and lifestyles.

Invite only things that enrich you into your life.

Life is an exquisite puzzle and we are all unique pieces in it.

Ginjo combines its core ingredient of Korean forest-grown ginseng with a range of precious natural treasure ingredients. These co-stars in the process are: fermentation-based ceramides, premium hyaluronic acid, plant-based collagen, highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, collagen, superior argan oil, premium olive oil, plant extracts, other highly beneficial vitamin and mineral extracts, and finally a powerful patented protein complex.

Topping off the process is Ginjo’s innovative freeze drying technology that allows for faster and deeper absorption of the highly concentrated ingredients with 40 times stronger intensity than standard ampoules.