Tommy Kim   President & CEO

G PERFEKTION is for today’s most demanding and beautiful men and women, a premium life style company that understands sophisticated active consumer needs for the highest physical performance and sexy and glamorous lifestyle.  Inspired by the proven benefits of Korean ginseng for thousands of years, G PERFEKTION operates premium health and beauty brands G FIVE and Ginjo. The Company is actively engaged in creative innovations globally, lab and manufacturing on three continents in order to bring precious Korean ginseng’s natural science ingredient in its health and beauty products to consumers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Tommy leads all brand origination and creative acceleration. He works with the board and leads the executive team and agencies worldwide to manage and accelerate creative design, product development, R&D, global sourcing and manufacturing, marketing and sales innovations, social media engagement, accelerating operational excellence, and implementing consumer-friendly proprietary E-Commerce technology. 

Prior to G PERFEKTION, Tommy was a private equity partner in buyouts and growth equity investments, CEO, and executive management consultant with world-class companies. During his career, he’s worked with some of the best known global brands in beauty, consumer products, and global financial institutions. He’s lived and worked in the U.S., Asia Pacific, and Europe. He has a foundation in STEM and a BA and MBA. He was educated at Columbia, Yale, and Harvard.

The peace in us is ready to be discovered.

Life stands still for you, uninterrupted

One Goal, Many Talents

When the Founder of G PERFEKTION gave birth to the Company, he had one goal in mind, bring “Perfection” to all creations. And through meticulous talent collaborations across the globe between the East and the West, G PERFEKTION accelerates creative innovations and produces a lasting satisfaction in all creations. By flirting with provocative ideas and desire, customers get to embrace inspirational strength and beauty that have been respected by many and enjoyed by the select few for thousands of years. No longer an imagination but something you can have now, every day.

G PERFEKTION Leadership Team’s goal is to offer our customers products that are made with valuable premium Korean ginseng they can feel healthy to use and can stay beautiful longer while feeling completely safe to use. This goal and mission of driving perfection to all products is G PERFEKTION’s One Goal joined by talents from Korea, America, and Germany. 

The G PERFEKTION Leadership Team invites those with great team and partnership spirit, creative ideas and agility to join our unique growing family with their special talents in creative design, social media and digital marketing, distribution and sales, finance and accounting, e-commerce technology, R&D in health and beauty, operational excellence, and global citizenship. 

Leadership Philosophy in 10 Words

Pioneer, Inspire, Lead, Transform, Perform, Beautiful, Compatible, Creative, Collaborative,  Perfektion.